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Applicants who compliment the interviewer, agree with his or her opinions, and emphasize areas of fit do better than those who don't. B Impression management IM is the process by which individuals attempt to control the impression others form of them.

Publishing as Prentice Hall 4 Which of the following terms best represents a point of difference between power and leadership. Leadership focuses on the downward influence on followers.

A salesperson tells his boss, "Matt worked unsuccessfully for three years to try to get that account. Publishing as Prentice Hall 57 A manager tells his boss, "You're absolutely right on your reorganization plan for the western regional office.

Illegitimate activities include sabotage, whistle-blowing, and symbolic protests such as wearing unorthodox dress or protest buttons and calling in sick as a group.

A second difference relates to the direction of influence. Publishing as Prentice Hall How do people react to organizational politics. A the ability to provide rewards B interpersonal trust C structural position D expert knowledge E respect and admiration Answer: C The opposite of coercive power is reward power, with which people comply because it produces positive benefits; someone who can distribute rewards others view as valuable will have power over them.

It includes taking on only projects with a high probability of success, having risky decisions approved by superiors, qualifying expressions of judgment, and taking neutral positions in conflicts.

Specifically, extraverts tend to be more influential in team-oriented organizations, and highly conscientious people are more influential in organizations that value working alone on technical tasks.

C Political skills of people indicate their ability to influence others to enhance their own objectives. The more organizations use subjective criteria in the appraisal, the greater the likelihood that an employee can get away with politicking.

Response to Organizational Politics Quest. Leadership and Power Quest. Publishing as Prentice Hall 82 You're more likely to be effective if you begin with "harder" tactics and move to "softer" tactics only if the harder tactics fail.

The high self-monitor is more sensitive to social cues, exhibits higher levels of social conformity, and is more likely to be skilled in political behavior than the low self-monitor. Someone can thus have power but not use it; it is a capacity or potential. C Pressure tends to backfire and is typically the least effective of the nine tactics.

Publishing as Prentice Hall 62 Evidence indicates people in different countries tend to prefer different power tactics. Publishing as Prentice Hall 90 The more organizations use objective criteria in the appraisal, the greater the likelihood that an employee can get away with politicking.

C Legitimate power represents the formal authority to control and use organizational resources based on structural position in the organization. B Enhancement and self-promotion are self-focused impression management techniques. Still another difference deals with research emphasis.

A approaches for resolving conflicts B techniques for translating power bases into specific action C strategies for gathering and maintaining support D organizational structural characteristics E approaches for winning arguments Answer: B Self-promotion appears to backfire during performance evaluations.

What's more, selfpromotion tactics may be more important to interviewing success. D A can have power over B only if A is the B's leader. The evidence indicates IM behavior works. A People from politically turbulent countries in the Middle East tend to be less willing to use aggressive political tactics in the workplace, than people from countries such as Great Britain or Switzerland.

The opposite of coercive power is reward power. Dependency and Scarcity Quest. The more alternative job opportunities an individual has—due to a favorable job market or the possession of scarce skills or knowledge, a prominent reputation, or influential contacts outside the organization—the more likely that individual is to risk illegitimate political actions.

D The vast majority of all organizational political actions are of the legitimate variety. D Power does not require goal compatibility, merely dependence. 2 Votos negativos, marcar como no útil. David_TIF_Chdoc. Cargado por Jue Yasin. David_TIF_Chdoc. Transféré par Jue Yasin.

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Krajewski TIF Chapter 7. manual solution for ch 7 OM. Chopra Scm5 Tif Ch Exercise. Chopra4 Tif Supply Chain Management Test Bank Chapter Chopra Scm5 Tif Ch Chopra Scm5 Tif Ch Chopra Scm5 Tif Ch. View Notes - David_TIF_Ch09 from MGT at Aims Community College.

CHAPTER 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control True/False The Nature of Strategy Evaluation 1. Most strategists believe that CHAPTER 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control True/False The %(7). David TIF Ch strategic management. Fa4e Sm Ch a. Balakrishnan Mgrl Solutions Ch Wolfson Eup3 Ch09 Test Bank.

2. Both turn through the same angle. 3. The point on the rim has the greater speed 4. Both have the same angular velocity. 5. Both have zero tangential acceleration acceleration. 6. Both have zero angular acceleration.

David tif ch09 2
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