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Without your assistance, they might decide to After this we drove towards the hot springs area and stopped for lunch in the woods hard to find tall woods in Iceland as the trees are few and small. So nowadays along the coast there is lots of land that was once below sea level and the cliffs are now further inland so you see exposed inland caves.

Critically evaluates the methodology. There are several reasons why the coast at Happisburgh is eroding so rapidly: Economic reasons — some sea defences negatively impact tourism and reduce the amount of money coming in to the area.

Welcome to Happisburgh

This is a symbolic bridge put in place to mark the link between North America and Europe. Then it was time to head to the airport. Once the ice started melting the land dried up and expanded, like a drying sponge, and rose up higher and sea levels fell.

The last place today was just next door at Reynisdrangar to see some basalt column cliffs and caves. The rationale for selecting this stakeholder needs to be explained along with the view suggested I feel Social reasons — many people who live along eroding coastlines believe their safety and security must be maintained.

Managing our coastlines

To access the higher levels of the mark scheme, guidance sheets need to overtly prompt independent thinking in terms of the range of techniques employed to represent the data, ahead of analysis. Coastal recession is having an effect on the coastline of the UK.

The lower path was closed due to snow and ice on the slopes so we enjoyed the view from the top.

Case Studies: Happisburgh + Walkers Crisps

One village under threat from this policy is the village of Happisburgh which has a population of approximately Add your annotations to the 3 selected text boxes Is there room to encourage independence in the data collected.

Here are some pics from today. The bridge is symbolic but you can stand in the rift and imagine the diverging plates moving away.

You can get a great view from up on the roof terrace looking out over the whole city. Investigate the distribution of retail services When developing the guidance material to support the task, every opportunity should be taken to encourage some independence in data collection, additional secondary research and techniques to represent the information.

Alongside was another waterfall inside a hidden canyon like a secret fall which we explored. To revise, read through and annotate the resource booklet, so you are familiar with everything. The area was defended in with revetments which reduced the amount of erosion to about 50 cm a year.

So tomorrow is our final day, to be spent in Reykjavik.

Managing our coastlines

D Answered Sun 12th June, A social, economic and an environmental impact is required. The questions may be something like: Management strategies used at Happisburgh Happisburgh is protected by a wooden groynes, wooden revetments now badly damaged and rock armour.

The main area of concern is Beach Road which terminates in the sea. Micro field sketches can be attempted by most students 19 Is managed retreat the only worthwhile coastal management strategy for Happisburgh. Answered Mon 13th June, This is up high and has a rotating top restaurant. Selecting and annotating digital pictures is a further opportunity for independence The water was lovely and hot.

Coastal management at Happisburgh has tried to make the beach wider by using groynes, and also uses a sea wall to protect the coast. During the last ice age, Iceland was fully covered in ice and as a result the land was push down and the sea level was higher.

Happisburgh case study

At the bottom of the fall, we were able to get close to the plunge pool to feel the spray of water on our faces and hear the thundering water — pretty special.

Often a mixture of hard and soft engineering strategies is used. Feb 18,  · A video on location by Just Great Ideas. Revision pack for year 11 for SDME exam for OCR B specification exam. Rivers and Coasts. Dec 01,  · Year 10, here are the powerpoints from the lesson to help with your Happisburgh essay.

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It is one of the biggest industries in the world, providing jobs to millions of people directly or indirectly (the multiplier effect).

Foldertitles. Your Name. SDME. The tideishigh – whyisthere a need to protectsome of ourcoastline? June 13th (25% of GCSE Grade). GCSE, AS and A Level Geography 05/03/ Instructions for completed fieldwork written statements. GCSE, AS and A Level Geography 11/01/ Further information about availability of practice papers.

Gcse geography sdme happisburgh
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